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Elopement to Italy – there is something unmistakably magical about boarding a plane just the two of you, ready for a dream secret getaway, with the union of your marriage as the cherry on top. Rather than splurge on a wedding reception and ceremony, you have decided to dedicate the most intimate and precious  moments of your life together [...]

If you are reading this post, then you may already be considering Tuscany, the idyllic jewel of romantic Italy, for your wedding locale. Great choice! Exchanging vows in this mesmerizing Mediterranean setting will create an unforgettable memory for you and your guests. And, with the guidance and assistance of a local, experienced and creative wedding planner [...]

I love exploring the Italian countryside during the winter months; it is the perfect time for discovering new locations, getting to know interesting people, and slowing down to enjoy  rural life. Today we are off to Villa Ferraia, which has been a self-sustaining farm for over 200 years. In medieval times iron was extracted here, so the [...]

T oday we step inside the roofless Abbey of  San Galgano the pure spiritual and most romantic place I’ve been to. If you secretly planning your wedding in Tuscany,  you must consider adding this location to your “places to visit” list. I am positive you weren’t be disappointed. I truly believe the Abbey of San Galgano is [...]

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