A Dream Wedding in Tuscany? Consider a Symbolic Ceremony

If  you are reading this post, then you may already be considering Tuscany, the idyllic jewel of romantic Italy, for your wedding locale. Great choice! Exchanging vows in this mesmerizing Mediterranean setting will create an unforgettable memory for you and your guests. And, with the guidance and assistance of a local, experienced and creative wedding planner you can avoid common pitfalls and fully realize the wedding of your dreams. Today most “destination weddings” are symbolic ceremonies where couples complete the legal process and documentation in their home nation and then travel with their inner circle of family and friends for a “symbolic wedding or “blessing ceremony,” and, of course, the pre- and post-wedding parties!

For many reasons a symbolic wedding makes a lot of sense and a ceremony in Tuscany provides a perfect backdrop:


  • It is a very time-consuming process to collect the documents for an official foreign ceremony, and in same cases, it’s simply not possible to obtain the “No Impediment” certificate that allows you to get legally married in Italy. The process to obtain an official religious approval, whether Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox is also lengthy and unpredictable.
  • Perhaps you’ve eloped or are already legally married, but haven’t had an opportunity to organize a proper reception or party to share the event with your loved ones — why not celebrate with a gateway to Tuscany, a romantic region rich with treasures worth exploring: art, architecture, landscape, history, food, wine…
  • Free of legal restrictions, you can hold your symbolic wedding ceremony and reception party in some of the finest venues in the world — perhaps a medieval castle overlooking Florence, a secluded 13th century hamlet near Siena, or a stunning villa overlooking the rolling hills of Chianti or the stunning seashore of the Italian Riviera. For a more religious emphasis, you might consider a small, historic chapel tucked into the Tuscan landscape.
  •  The destination you choose is like a gift to your guests and a special Tuscan wedding menu showcasing authentic Italian cuisine based on fresh, local ingredients and the original concepts of slow food will be an added bonus. And then there are the world-class regional wines…
  •  A symbolic wedding ensures that you have full control of the agenda, style and atmosphere of your ceremony whether you desire traditional, formal, informal or perhaps, wildly creative!

Are you ready for a symbolic ceremony in Tuscany?


To realize your dream, all you need is the right trusted partner. There are obvious reasons to engage the services of a wedding planner for your destination wedding, including: establishment of a single point of contact, management of budget and risk, coordination of logistics, and the elimination of stress so you can focus on the joy and happiness of your special day.

Here are a few things to consider in selecting the right wedding planner:

Communication – a perfect wedding is the translation of your unique vision into reality and this can be difficult even when everyone speaks the same language! You need a partner who speaks your native tongue and Italian so that communication is clear, controlled and error-free. Is communication important? — just ask the vegan bride who demanded a menu including cavallo (horse) when she really meant cavolo (kale)! 🙂

 Location – it is important to engage with a wedding planner who lives and works in your wedding destination. You can tap into their local knowledge, ensure your event has regional authenticity, and have peace of mind knowing that your local agent has conducted on-site reviews and inspections. This is how you guarantee that your wedding is in  the castle of your dreams, not the one from your nightmares!

 Collaboration – an effective wedding coordinator is a collaborator who will not only listen to your requests and ideas, but is capable of asking the right questions and addressing the topics or details you may be overlooking. A professional planner with the confidence to point out potential problems or issues and with enough experience to offer workable solutions and alternatives will save you time and money and prevent disappointment. Don’t just have a wedding in Tuscany, have your ideal wedding in Tuscany!

 Connections – an experienced, local planner can provide you not only access to their network of proven professionals, from florists, photographers, property owners, celebrants, chefs, bakers, caterers, vintners and musicians to transportation and other logistics providers, but they can match you with the right team to help you realise your unique vision.As a professional wedding planner, I love working with adventurous couples to ease the stress of the planning process and help create the perfect day and perfect set of memories.

And, as always, I enjoy introducing my colleagues who are some of the best wedding industry professionals in the world.

Suggested Celebrant is Jo Bertolino from “Tuscan Pledges.”  For many years, Jo has been a Florence-based wedding celebrant (officiant) specializing in bilingual ceremonies. She has an uncanny ability to help couples create the perfect, personalized script for their symbolic wedding ceremony. 

Are your ready and  eager to get the planning process underway?


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