What makes your wedding in Italy successful

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It’s all about great teamwork!


Thanks for stopping by, I am Natalia Sorokina, founder of NataliaMusicWeddings.com. I was born in Russia, am a citizen of the UK, currently living and working in Italy since 2001. 

I love working and making friends with creative brides from around the globe! For me a well-planned wedding is all about a great team work that creates wonders. Great communications skills included.

And this can be difficult even when everyone speaks the same language! You need a partner who speaks your native tongue and Italian so that communication is clear, controlled and error-free. 

Is communication important? Just ask the vegan bride who demanded a menu including cavallo (horse) when she really meant cavolo (cabbage)! 

Few words about me, I was born in Russia, educated in various countries , and I’ve become fluent in Russian, English and Italian. After completing my studies at Stroganov Moscow State University of  Arts and Industry, I got married to an Englishman in 1990 in Rome, Italy.  Three years later we’ve decided to make Tuscan our home.  After years of rewarding experience working in the family hotel business I have founded my first wedding planning studio in 2005.  

I work with top wedding venues in the Tuscan region and this year expanding to the southern region of Puglia. 


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