Wedding venues in Tuscany

The  Villa Medici di Lilliano is one of my favorite locations for a destination wedding near Florence. The picturesque garden settings of this venue and terrace with  its spectacular  view of the city of Florence makes it a unique spot to hold a sophisticated wedding in Tuscany; just 20 minutes away from the city and [...]

T oday we step inside the roofless Abbey of  San Galgano the pure spiritual and most romantic place I’ve been to. If you secretly planning your wedding in Tuscany,  you must consider adding this location to your “places to visit” list. I am positive you weren’t be disappointed. I truly believe the Abbey of San Galgano is [...]

Celebrating your wedding in Tuscany goes hand in hand with great wine, fabulous locally produced food and virgin olive oil, famous around the world. This post is a part of “Tuscan wedding 4 all seasons” project, where you will discover the most characteristic villas and venues in Tuscany and the authentic and exquisite food they [...]

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