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  Fall in Florence is all about enjoying this amazing city and discovering hidden and authentic places in this cradle of the Renaissance culture - a perfect destination for a wedding in Europe. Golden pastel shades are very much the color palette Florence center puts on during warm October days. My choice of colour pigments used [...]

The  Villa Medici di Lilliano is one of my favorite locations for a destination wedding near Florence. The picturesque garden settings of this venue and terrace with  its spectacular  view of the city of Florence makes it a unique spot to hold a sophisticated wedding in Tuscany; just 20 minutes away from the city and [...]

Buongiorno all! Wedding menu choices are endless here in Italy and I can guide you on your selections.  Your wedding guests will have a chance to eat many delicious and authentic Italian foods. Do keep in mind; a typical Italian wedding menu always follows traditional and seasonal ingredients. So if you love carciofi, artichokes, like [...]

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