There are many pros to hold a civil wedding in Certaldo Alto, Tuscany!


 The town itself is divided into an upper part – Certaldo Alto, medieval and very picturesque and a modern part situated in the valley below. It’s situated in Province of Firenze, 50 km southwest of Florence, 50 km northwest of Siena. If you are looking for a very stress free experience, consider checking this quaint place.

One of the advantages staying around Certaldo is the train station. Pisa, Florence, Siena are easy to reach if you do not want to drive very day, so you could easily take one day trips to visit these towns. Chianti Classico area with its famous wines is about 40 minutes drive, plenty of historical wineries to pay a visit or two, just kidding!

The Town Hall is located in the  famous Pretorian Palace or Vicar’s quarters in the old part of town – Certaldo Alto with over 200 weddings taking place each year. The current town hall fee is €550, the local museum provide 50 chairs for the guests at the cost of €50 plus vat.

Few dates to not plan your weddings are:

  • second week of July – la Mercantia street art festival
  • first weekend of October – la Boccaccesca food festival

Note, it’s always a good idea to double check the dates of any local gathering with the museum authorities prior to making any dates reservations.


Civil wedding L+B Certaldo Alto, Tuscany – Palazzo Pretorio


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