Simple formula to help you plan a wedding in Tuscany

I  believe that planning your wedding abroad  can be a very positive experience. Planning a wedding in Tuscany? Just simplify the whole process by following  this 3-step formula that will assist you through the “stormy sea” of   organizing your wedding  in Italy.. All because:

  • it works to your benefit,
  • it helps you find the correct answers to many questions and simply because
  • it is rather universal.

See – Find – Share

 Travel to Italy and See for yourself!

Fall in love with Tuscany ( picturesque towns to get married in Italy )

{ photo credits: Damiano Salvadori  }


Magical Tuscan locations for Italy destination wedding

{ photography by Roberta Facchini }

As an artist and event designer I believe that SEE is the most delicate, very personal and very intuitive piece of the wedding planning process. So it is absolutely a must!
I’ll explain.
Most of you have probably visited Italy already and perhaps already feel in love with a particular Chapel in Tuscany, an Italian  garden, a Medieval Castle  or maybe  a small town, where Leonardo was born let’s call it a “magical place”.
For many of the couples, who are still have to go through this step of the way.. SEE is all about a personal bond,  whatever “feels” right in your heart,  an emotional connection with this “magical place”, something that you as a couple and only you will be able to create.
See is “unique to you” destination in Italy, so consider coming over and spending time travelling and visiting wonderfully different Italian regions, so you’ll find the right place for your future wedding in Italy. You will recognize it when you see it.

Most of the couples that I’ve met and worked together had visited their “magical place” several times prior to their wedding. One couple from Newcastle,  for example, kept coming over to San Gimignano for 8 years before they’ve decided to exchange their vows in San Gimignano Town Hall,  a medieval architecture  jewel  registered on the UNESCO’s  World Heritage List.
MUST do thing before you wed!



 On-trend Bridal Bouquet and event design in Tuscany

{ photography by Slava Mishura Photography }

Once you’ve made up your mind about your “magical place”, your wedding location/venue, let’s move to the FIND part of the process.
To make your Italian wedding a perfect event, takes time and lots of effort, but the truth being told; it’s all about finding the right kind of wedding industry professionals, who will help you transform your vision into reality. Ask for help, please do ask for help, unless you want to walk into a sort of circumstances that you’ve never been in before, and that is downright what planning a wedding in Italy is about! After all, you have plenty on your plate at home to coordinate and feel good about it!Find a wedding planner/coordinator in the area/ region of your preference, but of course you’ve established your budget by now, the only thing you really need is a professional planner with a handy list of suppliers to match your budget and save you tons of stress. You can find many things yourself regarding legal paperwork involved, by getting in contact with your local town Hall and by visiting a Consulate website/ marriage in Italy/ pages of the Country of your residence. You can find many great ideas online, Pinterest is where I spend lots of time.. choose your favorite music for the wedding ceremony and reception, decide on the color motif, type of flowers that you fancy on your wedding day, have a definite idea about thank you favors to express your gratitude towards your family and guests etc I told you before, you’ll have plenty of organizing to do at home! And you might have to find some stamina and get ready for a few things to go awry at the last moment, but.. hang on a minute, you’ve got a wedding planner to handle that!



Tuscany wedding locations

{ photo,  full photo reportage by Jules here }

Share your wedding in Italy with the people who matters most!

Oh, I love this part, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
Sharing your Big Day with your family and friends must be a truly fulfilling experience.
Sharing the beauty and elegance of Italy on your wedding day with your loved ones will naturally have a positive outcome, after all, this is additionally going to be a celebration of your hard work of being capable to create a memorable and unique event away from home!Live your dream  let the magic begin.. 🙂

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